Elementor: Build Anything?

JinxUOme is mainly a WordPress shop. But first, we are a branding/design shop. To this end, working without limitations is a big plus. Anyone that has worked in WordPress knows that there are limits to the WP, to the Theme… to so many things. At Jinx we have been working with the Avada Theme for a very long time.  It’s super powerful and flexible, but it can be a bit slow and bloated and not always intuitive for you, our customers, to manage

Welcome Elementor! It’s a plug-in that will work with ANY THEME to create a visual site builder right in WordPress. It’s lite, fast, extensible, cheap and intuitive. We have used Elementor off and on for the last couple of years and followed the improvements that they have made. But the newest build is amazing.

We finished and posted our JinxUOme.com site just a few weeks ago. Then decided we wanted to see how fast we could build a site… so… Bam! 2 days and the site was completely re-built in the new format. Speed is up. Usability is up… It’s just all so cool. Now sure, I’m going to add and configure Yoast for SEO, and maybe JetPack and a few other cool back-end goodies to help the site run even better… But I love having only a few key plug-ins running the whole site.

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