Is the traditional office a thing of the past?

There was a time when not having an office meant you were not a real company. This is no longer that case. In fact, not having a physical office means you, the client, are not paying for my office, my parking, and my commute. Clients these days are aware that when they see a bill, they are seeing all the costs associated with running a business. Low overhead saves them money.

Jinx is a virtual design and development shop. Yes, our primary location is Washington, DC, but our group of marketers, developers, copywriters and photographers are all across the area and in some cases, across the country. We like to use an Agile development process to build teams around projects as needed. With video conferencing, Slack, Asante, and so many other tools, keeping a project on track is a breeze. But yes, you will always have a real person to contact throughout and beyond the project.

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