Is Web Design still a thing?

Why indeed. If you look though our little blog here at JinxUOme, you’ll see little blurbs that are written for other designers and developers, you’ll see post written for clients, and some just to satisfy our own need to spout-off an idea. Our Jinx Blog is not a good example of what you, a potential customer should be doing with your site. You should have a clear voice and be able to focus on your defined audience. A blog can be about showing off your company’s culture or help set you up as a “thought leader” in your field. Or it can be a great News/Announcements section or about a dozen other things. Our Jinx blog is really just here to show potential customer what your blog could look like, We even change up the style sometime to show potential or new customers what is possible in design.

But what the Jinx blog does well… it provided new and relevant content that help SEO to keep our site showing up on search engines. And that’s big. When you build your site, even in a CMS your content can go static quickly. You dont change your mission statement or products or whatever you do monthly. Once built you site may not need to change for months or years. This means you become old and irrelevant quickly. Something as simple as a blog post on a weekly or monthly basis can help your company to at least seem relevant and up-to-date.

Like most of our customers, We here at Jinx are just to busy building good stuff for other people, and thank you all for your support, to keep our site as up-to-date as we would like. But we are working on it and we would love to hear from your about what you would like us to write about.

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